What is ITSM, and why should you care? ITSM stands for IT Service Management. In a nutshell, ITSM forms the backbone of how organizations address and service their IT infrastructure. It’s how IT delivers services to customers. Without it, you are setting your organization up for significant security risks. Basically, ITSM is your ticketing and response system. When someone is having an IT problem, they write a ticket, and IT responds.

Without setting up ITSM, you have a Wild West of cybersecurity which could cause vulnerabilities, such as lack of password security, lack of account security, lack of audit records, an even rogue devices on your network, where you don’t know who’s coming, who’s going or where they are connecting from

For most ITSM systems, there is a layered approach, built around the framework which allows the organization to function. Examples include ITIL, ISACA etc. Each framework sets a standardized response to a variety of issues an organization comes across, and are usually tiered into levels of importance and vulnerability.Getting your ITSM right means you have an organized and meaningful approach to your IT services execution, which allows the definition of metrics and procedures to quickly identify and address trouble spots within the organization.

So, as you can see, your ITSM provides the critical foundation for your organization’s IT security. If you don’t have an IT strategy in place, your ITSM will not mitigate IT risks.

In our next blog post, we are going to discuss NIST standards which will keep your organization safe from IT threats.