Well, the last month or so have had several projects which we, here at Campbell Consulting Services, have been working on for some time, get much closer to success.  While they have yet to truly bear fruit, we thought that we would let you know that the tree is maturing and we are close to being able to reap the harvest.  This summer we have made good connections and watered the ground, nurtured the seeds and watch them grow.
First in the end of June, we joined the Capital Business Development Association (CBDA), a free networking group for Federal Contracting Companies.  Their LinkedIn group is free to join and found here.   This group has been a great group to be part of and the relationships being built are going to be big.  These are the Trees which are still growing and while blooms are budding, there is yet no fruit.  So as we nurture these relationships, we sit back and learn.   Things such as the launch of the CMMC, a new DOD maturity model which will affect all companies seeking to do business with them.  It is also expected to expand well beyond the DOD.  Because of this we are working put together a new offering to help companies get ready for this new third party audit.  As soon as it is ready we will be letting you know so stand by.
Throughout the months of July and August, we have been working on completing partnerships with Galaxy Staffing, an organization which specializes in recruiting and placement of IT Staff.  This partnership will provide us with the ability to quickly and effectively staff any future projects with quality candidates.  We are excited to have this new pipeline and want to say “Welcome Aboard”.  We look forward to a long and profitable partnership. Additionally, we have been working with iCollective LLC to put together a new project with Florida A&M University.  We are happy to say that the project has finally taken off and we are doing the work that needs to be done.
Also during the summer we began working with Digital Intelligence Systems, LLC (DISYS) on becoming a vendor partner.  They have finally approved us and we are getting regular requirements from their vendor portal.  That being said, we are looking for resumes to submit to them, so if you are interested in finding out if there is something for you please send your resume to homebox@consultcampbell.com  and we will let you know when we find a match.
With all that, I can say that it has been a busy time, here at Campbell Consulting Services.  This is just the beginning, so grab on and lets enjoy the ride.