Today, we had an interesting day.  It was one of those days that turned inward, where we look to ourselves and take a measure to ensure we are on the right road.  So we went back to the beginning for Campbell Consulting and took a new look at our requirements and processes.

As with every business we can get ahead of ourselves.  This is not a good situation because it can allow for scope creep and when a business gets away from it core, well it stops being that fun and exciting place where you are eager to spend time.  Scope creep for a business is the first sign of unfocused management and a slow suicide.

With this self-assessment process complete with the day, long though it was, we are please to have confidence that we are still on our charted course.  The pieces are falling into place and the future looks bright.  As with any venture there are storm clouds on the horizon but with a bit of luck, some good planning and solid requirements it will be nothing beyond what we can whether.