At Campbell Consulting Services of Tallahassee we are all about doing things right the first time.  Let us help you with all of your IT needs, whether its Business Process Analysis or Full Life-Cycle Systems Engineering we are here to make a difference.

There are three things which make an IT project successful. These are Defining the Scope, Identifying the Requirements, and complete Documentation of all phases of the project. By doing these things well, we believe that we can help anyone successfully complete any IT project on time and within budget while still maintaining the performance desired.

Defining the Scope: The scope of a project is identifying the goals that are to be achieved by the project.  Our ability to assist you in defining these goals through full systems thinking can ensure that the important pieces are not overlooked.

Identifying the Requirements: Each project has its own unique set of requirements. Requirements are the definitive list of needs which must happen to meet the goals of the project set up in the scope.  The elicitation process is done in conjunction with all project stakeholders to ensure a comprehensive list is identified.  After that the list is managed through the life of the project to ensure that it is kept up to date as circumstances change.

Complete Documentation: Each phase of the Systems Development Life Cycle contains its own documentation which explains and identifies the results.  Even Agile project have documentation which is needed to keep things moving forward smoothly.  By producing the relevant documentation at the appropriate time throughout the life cycle, the project can stay on time and budget.

Why should you work with us?

With over a decade of experience, we have seen our fair share of projects go wrong. With the best of intentions, the scope of a project begins to grow. Budgets get tightened and the schedule slips further and further to the right. These situations can be fatal for any project. By working with Campbell Consulting Services, customers can protect the integrity of the project by making sure that each new need that is identified, remains within the scope of the project. By working with stakeholders to produce a complete scope definition and the execution of effective requirements elicitation a complete picture of the project is formed.  This provides the blueprint to build the project, ensuring that only those things which will produce the desired results get done, saving time and money.

Take a look and see what we have to offer here.

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