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What is the Scope? - Campbell Consulting Services What is the Scope? - Campbell Consulting Services

A successfully defined Scope; A successful Project

Every project, especially in the IT realm, has a scope.  For many companies this can present a serious problem.  When this is not properly done, it can allow for scope creep which will stretch out the schedule of any project, driving up the cost.  This can also lead to a project which may not provide the performance which was initially sought when the project started. To help prevent these things from happening, Campbell Consulting Services has developed the Scope Definition Worksheet.

This worksheet will help define the following items:

  • The Justification behind the project
  • What the Objectives of the project are
  • What the Features and Functions of the project will be
  • The Constrains of the project
  • The Definition of Done for the project
By filling out the form below, you will receive the Scope Definition Worksheet, helping your company to more readily for project success.  All information provide will be kept for uses of Campbell Consulting Services only and will not be sold, leased or loaned to any other party.